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Xavi Birding Watching and Cultural Tours on the Lotor River

Xavi is an Ewe village whose rich culture is deeply rooted in the traditional beliefs of the area, commonly referred to as juju. Traditional rites are performed every year at different seasons and the fetish priest in the village is highly respected and consulted. Several shrines in Xavi are worshipped and many taboos are revered concerning the river and its fishing methods. Another important aspect of Xavi’s unique culture is the presence of Kinka drumming which is widely practised and easy to see when visiting.

A short walk from Xavi will lead you to Lotor River, which is nestled by coastal savannah fringing the wetland of the Avu Lagoon. A trained guide will paddle you down the river in a canoe to view birds not normally seen in the other habitats. A great diversity of birds (over 90 different species) can be viewed from the canoe. These include the Pygmy Kingfisher and Senegal Parrot. Bird enthusiasts are guaranteed sightings of birds from a unique vantage point not usually available to tourists.

For those who may not be avid birdwatchers, the river provides a chance to observe local fishing practices, view the beautiful and diverse flora that frames the river, and relax in a quiet and serene environment. Other wildlife can also be spotted in the tour. The famed green mamba can often be seen sunning in the trees of the Lotor riverbanks.

Boabab Tree Grove 

Following the river tour, you are then guided to Xavi’s Baobab Tree Grove lying just west of the Lotor River. This grove is a haven for more than sixty Boabab often called “the upside down tree” because of its barrel-like trunk reaching a diameter of 9 meters (30 feet) and a height of 15 meters. Locals eat the Baobab fruit and tourists are encouraged to sample the unique taste.

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