The Western Region of Ghana is an integrated complex of beautiful safe beaches and African touch beach resorts. It has the largest collection of European trading forts (later used in the slave trade), the highest tropical jungles, numerous mines, picturesque villages and friendly people, and old architectural styles and vivacious festivals.

The region’s water villages on stilts are amazing to experience. A visitor can charter a local canoe out to the village and actually stay over night in a guest house on the water.

The region is located in the south-western part of Ghana and shares boundaries with the Central, Ashanti, and Brong-Ahafo regions. To the West it shares a border with the republic of Cote D’Ivoire. The region has 192 Km of tropical beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and a tropical climate characterized by moderate temperatures all year round.

The native people of the Western Region are mostly Akans, speaking various dialects including: Ahanta, Nzema, Sefwi, Wassa, Brosa, and Pepesa. Principal religions are Christianity, African Aminism, and Islam.

Principal economic activities include agriculture (cash crops and food crops), fishing (commercial and subsistence), and mining and manufacturing. The main exportable produce are cocoa, timber, copra, coffee, rubber/latex, gold, manganese, and bauxite.

Historic Sites

Kwame Nkrumah’s Grave

The original grave of Dr Nkrumah, first President of Ghana and now buried in the Mausoleum in Accra…

Places of Interest

The Village on Stilts of Nzulezu

An amazing Village where life goes on in the center of Lake Tadane, just 90km west of Takoradi.

Monkey Hill

In the heart of the twin city of Sekondi-Takoradi is a tropical forest inhabited by monkeys.

Cape Three Points

This is the southernmost point of the country and its lighthouse…

Sekondi-Takoradi Port

Sekondi-Takoradi port is situated on the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) in southern Ghana. Both the Dutch and British built forts at Sekondi in the 17th century that were destroyed by the Ahanta. Fort Orange, rebuilt by the Dutch and…

Festivals and Events

Sekondi Kundum

The people of Sekondi celebrate their annual Kundum Festival between July and August. It is believed that Kundum originated from Ahanta Aboade, a village on the Tarkwa- Takoradi road…

Beaches and Resorts

The Beaches of Western Region

Western Region is famous for some of the best beaches in Ghana.

Busua Beach

Busua Pleasure Beach – only 5km from Fort Metal Cross in Dixcove

Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Akatekyi crocodile pond

30km west of Takoradi, the local Fetish Priest entices the Crocodile from the water

Ankasa Conservation Area

Ankasa Conservation Area is twin Wildlife Protected Area comprising Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is about 500km2 situated in the Western Region of Ghana. Ankasa is the only area in the Wet Evergreen Forest Zoo. The South-Western corner of the reserve is about 5 kilometres from the border town of Elubo. Takoradi is about 120 kilometres east…

The Amansuri Conservation Area

The Conservation is a project been undertaken by the Amansuri Conservation & Integrated Development Project with the aim of managing the pristine Amansuri wetland and its fresh water lagoon. The wetland has

Bia National Park

Bia National Park is bordered to the south with a 563 square kilometer Resource Reserve and is an International Biosphere Reserve Park…

Castles and Forts

Fort Apollonia – Beyin

The English Committee of Merchants, in response to an invitation from the Nzema Chief Amenihyia, built the last English fort above the beach at Beyin. The English employed slave labour and quarried limestone rock from a nearby site to build the fort in 1768-70.

Fort Batenstein – Butre

Butre village is located in a sheltered bay amidst the forests of Ahantaland, east of Cape Three Points. Like Dixcove and Friedricksburg, it was among the early historic settlements generated by the 17th century inter-European and inter-African conflicts, partly because it lay close to the gold-rich hinterland.

Fort Metal Cross – Dixcove

In the 1680’s, the Ahantaland around Infuma settlement was a bone of contention between the English and the Brandenburgers. The English were determined to acquire land there to build a fort because many English interloper captains were accustomed to trading at Fort Gross Friedrichsburg to the detriment of English commerce.

Fort Orange – Sekondi

The foundation of the earliest-known Dutch lodge harks back to the 1670’s. The precise date is uncertain. However, by 1704, the lodge had become a small fort called “Oranje”.

Fort St. Anthonio – Axim

Following the establishment of their headquarters at Elmina, the Portuguese, in an effort to maintain their monopoly and exclude foreign ships from the gold markets, built a trade post in 1503 at Axim close to the mouth of the River Ankobra.

Fort St. Sebastian – Shama

Fort St. Sebastian was originally constructed and named by the Portuguese c.1520-26. However, its first appearance on a map was in the context of Di Castaldi’s Venetian map of 1564

Friederichsburg at Princess town

Located on Manfro Hill 5km east of Fort St. Antonio, this fort was built by the Brandeburgers in 1683. It was taken over by an…

Sports & Leisure

Sport Fishing & Whale Watching

For those who love the sea, you are welcome to sport fish as well as whale watch…

Cruise Destination

Apart from handling cargo vessels, Takoradi port is fast becoming an important cruise stopover Port in West Africa. Takoradi Port is…. strategically located on the west coast f Ghana with most of the attractive tourist site lying in its backyard. The Port therefore serves as the…

Adventure Tourism

Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary

Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary is located 55km west of Takoradi, the local fetish …

Wassa Domama Rock Shrine

At Dormaa in the Wassa Mpohor District, is a rock shrine consisting of a huge rock stack on top of three rocks forming a shelter of nearly three…

Adventure Canoe Trips

After an 8-kilometre hike from Dormaa through forest and farmlands, you reach the village of Bansie. This village is located on the banks of the Pra River, one of Ghana’s longest…

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