Adventure Tourism

Mt. Afadjato & Togbo Falls at Liati Wote

Do you simply want to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature?

There is no better place to do it than Liati Wote. With over 300 species of butterflies, laiti Wote’s forest is home to one of the largest butterflies count in Ghana.

The friendly local people are always ready to welcome you and see to it that your visit was worth the trip.

At approximately 885 metres above sea level, (2905 feet) Mount Afadjato on a clear day offers views of the neighbouring villages, the Tagbo Waterfall, and the Volta Lake.

The Tagbo Waterfalls is an easy hike through coffee and cocoa fields and untouched forest. There are plenty of opportunities for exploring and observing the plant life and butterflies. The waterfall itself is private and flows from an almost circular cliff formation with lush vegetation climbing the sides.

Nestled in the heart of the Volta Region at the foot of the range of mountains that make up the Ghana/Togo border, Liati Wote is a hidden paradise.

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