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Logba Tota in the Volta Region

You are invited to visit and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of Logba Tota in the Volta Region of Ghana. Nestled high in the Avatime hills, this hilltop, farming village offers spectacular views of surrounding villages, deep lush valleys, Mt. Gemi, and even Lake Volta! It is believed the first inhabitants migrated from Sudan and settled here in the 16th century.

In the 17th century during the Ashanti War, many of the present-day tourist attractions were discovered. A limestone cavern adjacent to Akpom (meaning eagle pool) Waterfall served as a protection area for women and children of the community while the men were at war. Today a stalactite and stalagmite have merged into a limestone pillar, the only geographical feature of its kind found in Ghana.

A deep pool at the base of the waterfall is safe for swimming. A sheer cliff wall stretching over 200 meters in length also served as a hiding place during the war. The Ashanti people hid their chiefs in a rock structure on an isolated hilltop called Ozomkpo (meaning Ashanti Mountain).

All attractions lie within a 45-minute radius from town. As you are guided through the tropical forest you will discover numerous butterflies, flowers, and birds, as well as see local crops of abundance: avocado, banana, yam, and plantain. You most certainly will enjoy Logba Tota’s cool, breezy environment and the pleasant, energetic attitude of villagers!

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