Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Kalakpa Resource Reserve

From Accra, Kalakpa Resource Reserve can be reached through Juapong on a branch off the main Accra to Ho road. The Ho to Abutia Kloe road through Sokode can access the reserve.

The Resource Reserve with its administrative headquarters at Abtia-Kloe in the Ho district of the Volta Region has an area of about 325km². The reserve is located between the Abutia and Adaku traditional areas in the typical Guinea Savanna vegetation zone. It has a spectacular combination of forests on the hills found in the middle of the reserve and along drivers and grass on the plains of the reserve. It is one of the few places in the region where indigenous animals associated with the vegetation can still be found. Prior to the establishment of the reserve, the area use to be the sport hunting grounds for expatriates, mainly Italians, Greeks and Germans resident in Accra, Akosombo and Tema.

The reserve abounds with the following animals; Red-riverhog, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Kob, Oribi, Black Duiker, grey duiker and Red flanked duiker. The common monkeys found are Baboon, Patas monkey, green monkey, spot-nosed monkey with Black and White Colobus being present but rare. Other small mammals include rodents like Giant rat, Grasscutter, Crested porcupine and Pangolins. Bird fauna in the reserve is also rich (no of species).

Apart from the rich wildlife diversity of the reserve, other sites of attraction, which will be useful to tourists, include, the scenic beauty of the numerous hills in the reserve (Zitoe, Koffitoe, Kadanga etc.) and the higher density and abundance of Borassus palm in the reserve. Kadanga one of the hills is believed to be the ancestral home of the people of Abutia.

Accommodation for visitors and catering services are not available at the reserve headquarters but excellent services can be obtained at Woezor Hotel in Ho that is only about 20km away from the reserve. There are no roads in the reserve; therefore only foot safaris can be done. Small scale camping can be permitted at Zitoe and Agordeke camps with one’s own camping gear.

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