Historic Sites

Fort Prinzenstein

There is an 18th century fort, Fort Prinzenstein, built in 1784 by the Danes at Keta. This fort played a significant role in the slave trade involving Europeans in West Africa, the Caribbean and southern USA. Apart from a small fort in Benin and Senegal, the fort at Keta is the only ancient European built fort of its kind east of the Volta River, which is close to the slave coast of Dahomey (Benin). Parts of it have been destroyed by the angry waves of the sea, but a significant portion remains to tell a sad story.

Although there are numerous forts and castles along the coast of Ghana, Fort Prinzenstein in Keta is the only fort east of the Volta River. Though this massive structure is partially in ruins, a significant part still remains to testify to the role it played in the days of the slave trade.

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