Q: Does the chauffeur drive service attract an additional charge?
A: Yes, an additional $20 is charged for the chauffeur drive service
Q: Must I still tip the driver for excellent service?
A: It is not mandatory to tip the chauffeur.
Q: Why is the service charge for a chauffeur drive cover only 10 hours a day when I opt for this service?
A: A major requirement of our Journey Planning Management System requires that planned trips/jobs cover a total working time, including driving and rest breaks not to exceed 10 hours in a day. This process helps to prevent driver fatigue and improve customer safety.


Q: What are the documents I need to reserve a self- drive rental?
A: You will require the following when you opt for a self-drive rental:
A valid driving license (Ghanaian or International)
Q: Do I have to provide an International Driver’s License if I already have a Ghanaian driver’s license?
A: No, we only require foreign clients who choose the self-drive service to present their valid International Driver’s license. One of the requirements of comprehensive insurance coverage for our vehicles is that non-Ghanaian clients possess valid international driving license while driving.

Q: How safe are my documents in Fiandad possession?
A: Your photo-copied documents are very safe with us. We will keep all your documents in envelopes that are signed and sealed by clients in a safe. The documents are returned to the client once the rental is over.


Q: What kind of insurance cover do you provide for your vehicles?
A: All our vehicles carry Comprehensive Insurance coverage to ensure the maximum security of our clients and vehicles in case of an accident that results in vehicle damage or bodily injury to its occupants.


Q: Do your vehicles have GPS?
A: Yes our vehicles are equipped with state-of- the-art GPS devices to enable us to track their location anywhere in Ghana.


Q: Do you apply mileage charges on all trips?

A: No, we don’t charge per mileage. We have fixed rates for trips within or outside Accra whether you opt for self-drive or chauffeur-driven service.


Q: What is the length of notice required for the extension of an ongoing rental?
A: A 24-hour notice is needed to extend an ongoing rental. This will give us sufficient time to provide an alternative vehicle for pending/future reservations for the particular vehicle being used for the extended lease.


Q: What must I do if I need to cancel a reservation?

A: We advise our customers to give us a full day's notice of any decision to cancel a booking. You can cancel by calling the office or sending an email directed to fiandadghanaltd@gmail.com


Q: What is the procedure to follow in case of an accident or damage to a rented vehicle?
A: The client should immediately inform our Reservations Officer who will ensure the necessary arrangements are made to handle the situation.


Q: Can I cross borders with a self-drive vehicle?
A: No, you cannot cross borders with a self – drive vehicle. All cross-border travel services are provided by our experienced chauffeurs.


Q: What are the various modes of payment available for clients?
A: We accept payment for rental services via any of the following modes:
Wire/Bank Transfer
Company cheque
Personal cheque (these must clear before the rental begins)
Cash on Delivery

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