Places of Interest

Dzemeni Market

Dzemeni market along the bank of the Volta Lake is becoming one of the most important markets in the whole of southern Ghana. Dzemeni sits on a peninsula into Lake Volta, which means that goods come from across the Lake by boat. The market serves a huge area! But because it’s off the usual tourist paths, it is very much a *genuine* market. Sure, they’ll know you are a stranger and raise prices, but the bargaining isn’t nearly as fierce and the people are far more friendly than any of the places I’ve haggled in the big cities.

Don’t look for fancy tourist things, either. If you need charcoal or tools or basic clothing and food, then you’re okay: most of the trading is in these basic goods, not to mention livestock! What you can find, though, is good quality fabric and beads, and this year we even found a couple of drums for sale. Not a lot of kente cloth, but a good quantity of batik and wax prints. How to get there Find the Accra to Hohoe road. Coming from Accra, head toward Hohoe, find the sign pointing you to the Tongor villages, and follow the (fair) road. From Hohoe headed south, the Tongor road is south of Kpeve.

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