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The Dodi Princess

The Dodi Princess, which predates the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, is a modern passenger cruise ship built in 1991 with an insured passenger capacity passengers. Dodi as an island in the Volta Region of Ghana. There were many people in Ghana by the name of Dodi well before the other Dodi of the UK came to British public attention. The cruiser liner has two decks – a lower, air-conditioned deck which seats about 100 and an upper deck with a canopy overhead which provides a commanding view of great expanse of water.

The vessels measures 45 metres long by 12 metres wide and has a gross tonnage of 450 metres. It is fitted with state of the art navigational and safety equipment for the comfort and safety of its passengers. There is regular cruise to the Dodi Island departing the Akosombo Port at 1030 hours on Sunday s returning to the port at approximately 1600 hours with a one-hour sightseeing stopover on the island. The cruise is most popular among Ghanaians and foreign visitors alike with its hot barbecue lunches, a well stocked bar and live band entertainment and dancing aboard. Children aboard are also well taken care of with indoor and video games on the lower deck.

The boat is available for hire for parties, sightseeing cruises, weddings, birthdays and any type of celebrations on all days of the week except on Sundays.

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