The Ashanti Region is the cultural heartbeat of Ghana. Land of the Golden Stool expressed in the language, passage rites, festivals, cuisine and ordinary day-to-day activities.

Visitors can participate in several traditional events such as funerals, naming ceremonies. Royal Akwasidae held every six weeks at the Royal Palace of the Asante King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The scenic and hilly capital city of Kumasi is a vast tropical rainforest belt. Still forest country, dominated by impressive buttress rooted forest giants, alongside large cocoa farms and picturesque hillside settlements.

Beautiful weather; chilly in the mornings, bright, clear and sunny in the afternoons for most of the year and cool nights provide ideal conditions for visitors to; experience this exciting colourful world of hearty hardworking people.

Ashanti is also home of the most important gold mine in Ghana at Obuasi (50km south-west of Kumasi). Surface visits can be arranged, and the town still has air of the gold rush days of the 1890’s.

Throughout Ashanti (and especially in Kumasi) you will find welcoming hotels and restaurants, while in the main town’s nightlife and entertainments are first class. Sporting facilities are available in the urban areas, while exciting fishing can be enjoyed in our lakes and rivers.

To discover the traditional heartland of Ghana, a visit to Ashanti is a must.


Ashanti Region is well connected by road. Similarly, other regional capitals and major towns can be reached by Fiandad Ghana Limited – Car Rentals and Tours.


Restaurants and fast food outlets provide both international and Ghanaian dishes. Visitors may sample tasty indigenous Ghanaian meals, Indian or Chinese delicacies as well as continental dishes. Local eating places(Chop Bar) are found in most parts of the Region. A variety of options from open-air drinking bars, street side cafes, casinos, to night clubs and cinemas are available. Contact Fiandad Ghana Limited for a complete list.

Remember, whenever you choose to visit, you will be greeted with warmth in the word of welcome “AKWAABA”.

Historic Sites

Kumasi and the Asante Heritage

Kumasi is the capital of the Asante Kingdom and the heart of the Ashanti Region of Ghana

George Ferguson’s Tomb

George Ekem Ferguson was a Ghanaian colonial agent who was instrumental in convincing local chiefs to sign treaties of friendship with the British.

Okomfo Anokye Sword

The Sword of the Komfo Anokye remains in the grounds of the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, where he pushed it.

Cultural Events & The Arts


Funerals are an important occasion when Ashantis celebrate life and bid farewell to the dead. It is to usher the departed souls into the ancestral world. Funerals are normally held on

Places of Interest

Ashanti Goldfields

For details of visits to the Ashanti Gold Mine(available on Tuesdays and Thursdays) contact  Fiandad Ghana Limited – Car Rentals and Tours.


Located 18km on Mampong Road. A settlement hundreds of Kente weavers.


Located 9km on Mampong Road. Specialises in woodcarvings such as stools,


Pankrono is located 8 km on Mampong Road. Renowned for its distinctive and colourful pottery created through transitional

Kumasi Zoo

The Zoo is located adjacent to the Cultural Centre. It has a collection of reptiles,…

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

The University of Science and Technology succeeded the Kumasi College of Technology which was established by a Government Ordinance on 6th October, 1961. It, however, opened officially on 22nd January, 1952 with 200 Teacher Training students transferred from Achimota, to form the nucleus of the new College.

ADANWOMASE: The Home of Quality Kente Cloth & Friendly Cultural Tourism

Located 25km NE of Kumasi off the Mampong Road is the royal Kente weaving village of the Ashanti King, Adanwomase. Come and learn from a trained tour guide who will teach you the history, meanings and productions steps of Ashanti Kente cloth. Learn Adanwomase’s history and culture by visiting the chief’s palace, the traditional healer’s shrine, cocoa farms, a forest shrine and much more.

Festivals and Events

Adae Kese Festival

This is a very important, albeit rare celebration of the Ashantis. It is held in a large open space in the capital city of Kumasi. The festival is normally well attended and embraced by Ashantis from…

Papa Festival

Celebrated on an Akwasidae date, mostly in March in Kumawu, (Sekyere East District), activities begins with sacrificial rituals on the eve of the actual day…

Kente Festival

Celebrated in July/ August in Bonwire, (Ejisu-Juaben District). A colourful assembly of local chiefs and people of Bonwire, where participants adorn themselves with beautifully woven Kente clothes and designs which they have created.

Yaa Asantewaa Festival

It is celebrated in August by the Ejisu, (Ejisu-Juaben District). A durbar of chiefs presided over by the paramount chief of Ejisu Traditional area.

Mmoa Nni Nko Festival

A colourful durbar of chiefs accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing amid merry making and funfair and firing of musketry…

Nkyidwo Festival

Celebrated in the last Monday in November/1st Monday in December by the Essumeja, (Bekwai District)…

Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Bobiri Forest Butterfly Sanctuary 

Located 20km on the Kumasi – Accra highway, a quiet research centre for the Forestry Research Institute showcasing an arboretum,…

Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary 

About 80km northeast of Kumasi. The reserve showcases a rare tropical landscape. Vibrant waterfall and a wide variety…

Digya National Park

Occupying 3.478 square kilometres of undulating terrain on the western shore of the Volta Lake. Made up of predominately Guinea Savannah Woodland and gallery forest along the major rivers,…

Owabi Forest Reserve and Bird Sanctuary 

Formally, Kumasi only source of drinking waster was the Owabi Reiver, located to the west of the city. When the river was dammed to create a reservoir, the resulting watershed extended deep into city’s nearby forests. The reservoir and forest have since become the natural habitat for…

Lakes and Rivers

Lake Bosomtwi

(sometimes spelled Bosomtwe). It is located 31km southeast of Kumasi. A picturesque meteorite Crater Lake surrounded by dozens of virgin fishing…

Adventure Tourism

The Sacred Groves

The Tano and Buoyem Groves feature fabulous rock formations. The source of the Tano River begins from the grove…

Kae Arko

This festival is celebrated by the people of Asebu Traditional Area. A mock warfare is re-enacted to instill the spirit of bravery in the people, and also to commemorate the….


Dishes of the Ashanti Region

The main dishes of Ashanti Region include fufu with light soup and meat,

Facts and History

Adinkra Symbols

Adinkra symbols are named after King Adinkra who was an ivory coast king in the early 19th century

The Prempeh II Jubilee Museum

Located in the Centre for National Culture ground, the museum houses a fascinating collection of Ashanti …

Manhyia Palace and Museum

This is official residence of the Ashantehene. Its large courtyard

Ghana Armed Forces Museum

This Museum exhibits materials that primarily concern the British-Ashanti

Fertility Akuaba Doll

The famous Ashanti fertility doll with annulated neck and discoid face is worn on

Traditional Buildings

Unique Ashanti architecture contracted with local materials and decorated with immensely interesting and educative motifs and symbols…

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