Festivals and Events

Agbamevoza (Kente Festival) of the Agotime People

The chiefs and people of Agotome traditional area, a few kilometres east of Ho, who are indeed Ga-Adanbges, celebrate their annual Kente festivals in August every year. This is a unique festival by all standards. The Ago time people claim they introduced the art of Kente weaving to present-day Ghana and consequently have been marking this event with a colourful festival. The festival culminates in a durbar of chiefs and subjects and various types of Kente cloth are put on display.

A unique aspect of the festival is Kente-weaving competition and one that brings about the best in crowned. In the evening of Saturday, Miss “Agbamevor” (Miss Kente) INS selected. This unique festival attracts thousands of people from far and near including tourists.

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